Visit by Prof Roger Giner-Sorolla (3 Jan – 10 Jan)

On 3 Jan – 10 Jan, Prof Roger Giner-Sorolla from the University of Kent visited us at the NUS Department of Psychology! Prof Giner-Sorolla gave a thought-provoking seminar on the role of disgust in morality (more details below) and we had great fun bringing him around to tour the various attractions in Singapore too!

Title of seminar: Disgust in Morality: Oxymoron or Cornerstone?

Abstract: Views of the role of the emotion of disgust in moral judgment swing wildly, from denying that disgust has anything moral about it, to elevating it to a supremely central role in moral condemnation. I will review published research from our lab that supports three simultaneously true points of view about disgust in moral contexts: 1. Disgust regulates the morality of actions that intrinsically violate rules about the use of the body; 2. Disgust responds to bad moral character, as opposed to bad moral consequences; 3. Expressions of disgust communicate moral motivation and sensitivity.

Prof Roger Giner-Sorolla is a leading scholar in the areas of moral emotions, intergroup apologies, and an advocate of improving science via increasing transparency in scientific reporting. He has published many peer-reviewed articles in internationally renowned journals such as Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences, Behavioral and Brain Sciences, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Psychological Science, Psychological Inquiry, Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. He currently serves as the Editor of Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, one of the leading journals in social psychology. During his tenure, he has implemented important reforms and has made sweeping impact within and beyond psychology.

Visit by Prof Roger Giner-Sorolla (3 Jan – 10 Jan)

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