Special Guest: Veronika Job Visits SPUR! Under the Isaac Manasseh Meyer Fellowship, Prof Veronika Job at the Technical University of Dresden, Germany visited the SPUR lab from 17th to 24th Feb, 2019. Veronika is a well-known expert in motivation and self-regulation. Much of her research is focused on determinants, processes, and outcomes of goal-striving and self-regulation. Veronika Job linked ego-depletion research with the lay theory approach by showing that the way people think about acts of self-control (as consuming from a limited vs. as a non-limited resource) affects their self-regulation ability and their personal goal striving. Her work contributes to a revised, critical view of the resource model of self-control. Thank you for joining us Veronika, we hope you had a great time here~
Special Guest: Veronika Job Visits SPUR!

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