Brown bag@Lydia 22/10/19

Brownbag Session: 22 October 2019 4pm @ AS4 02-08

We are excited to announce that our graduate student, Lydia, will be sharing her research findings with the department at the next brownbag session!

Find out more about her research below~ Be there or be square!

Motives for communicating goal pursuits: Development and validation of a novel scale

The pursuit of personal goals may seem like individual endeavours, but they typically occur within a social context and are inevitably communicated to others. Furthermore, our self-regulatory behaviours and consequently, our goal pursuit outcomes, are known to be affected by communications with friends and family (Finkelstein, Fishbach, & Tu, 2017). Despite the prevalence and spontaneity of the communication of goal pursuits in our everyday lives, there has yet to be any systematic study of the underlying motives. The present studies aimed to develop and validate the Motives to Communicate Goal Pursuits Scale (MCGPS). The MCGPS offered up to 10.3% incremental variance over other communication motive scales. Goal communication motives were also found to be predictive of communication frequency and goal achievement.

Brown bag@Lydia 22/10/19

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